Noah Marlowe

Graphic Designer.
Mixed-Media Artist.
Chattanooga, TN.



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Noah Marlowe ©2021

Parking Garage

Light transforms how we view and interpret space. As visible light changes, the space changes along with it, ultimately changing our mental perception of the space itself as we pass through it. Many of these spaces may serve as mundane or unremarkable settings in our everyday lives; but by intentionally returning to these spaces and observing how light changes it, we can observe how visible light and shadow change how we subconsciously think and feel about the space as we interact with it. The light provided by a bright sunny day, will make the exposed portions of a space feel bright, vast, and open. Alternatively, this bright visible light will create shadow and contrast, concealing portions of the space. As this light changes throughout the day, the exposed and concealed portions of this space will change with it, revealing to us characteristics of line and shape that we may have previously missed.

Parking Garage. 2020. Photograph Series. 19.6” x 13”. 


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