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The Language of COVID

Poster Design

We have become hyperaware of the biological danger that our bodies potentially pose to one another. We have become hypochondriacs. Our awareness to our bodily health has fundamentally changed how we navigate and operate within our world. Despite the protentional for danger, we have an innate desire to return to normalcy. This desire has presented us with the unique challenge of learning how to operate under our hyperawareness of the potential biological harm we pose to one another; in a world that has been designed for physical closeness.

The spaces in which we live, work, and play in were not designed to accommodate an imaginary six-foot bubble surrounding every person. Signage has become our tool for combating this problem of space. The language of COVID prompts and reminds us to operate in ways almost contradictory to how these spaces were originally designed. The physical spaces themselves rarely ever change, just our perception of space through our use of language. 

The Language of COVID. 2020. Print Posters.
15” x 20”. 


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