Noah Marlowe

Graphic Designer.
Mixed-Media Artist.
Chattanooga, TN.



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Noah Marlowe ©2021

2020 U.S. Census

A necessary element of U.S. democracy, the United States Census serves as an opportunity for the nation to gather vital statistics concerning its residing individuals’ current living and economic statuses. Utilitarian and content rich, the traditional format of current and past U.S. Censuses can often feel overwhelming and inconvenient, despite the desirable prospect that the information gathered will be used to improve upon infrastructure, voting districts, and areas concerning property & socioeconomic inequality. By designing a friendly and inviting approach to the standardized systems of Census taking, opportunities of ease arise that allow the Census to feel less overwhelmingly bureaucratic. Furthermore, it creates a system that prompts notions of engaged communal involvement, while preserving the necessary utilitarian systems that maintain the Census’s functionality.

Collaboration with Brianna Litchfield.

2020 U.S. Census. 2019. Print Document. Collaboration with Brianna Litchfield. 



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