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Hello Monty on Main Street

Menu & Site Design

Hello Monty on Main Street opened its doors in late 2021 on Chattanooga’s Southside. Founded by Chattanooga locals, brothers Rob and Clay Gentry, Hello Monty was their next great venture into the local hospitality industry. Having decades' worth of experience in both brewing and restaurant operations, Rob and Clay set out to create the next great neighborhood gathering spot  - one with fantastic bites and some of the best brews in the Southside.

Rob has been a long-standing customer of Widgets and Stone, having partnered with the studio for a variety of previous endeavors, including The Blue Plate, Local 191, and ROBAR.

During my time working at the Widgets studio, I took the lead on designing their initial luanch site and various menus in preparation for the restaurant’s official opening in mid 2021.  

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Paul Rustand at Widgets & Stone. 

Noah Marlowe at Widgets & Stone. 


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